Covercoco London® Flawless Foundation

$350.00 $300.00

Covercoco London® Flawless Foundation

Do you want a hydrating foundation that adapts to your own skin color, so you no longer have to worry about which color to choose? With this perfect foundation you have beautiful skin that looks natural in no time! The innovation formula of Covercoco London foundation ensures that you no longer have any stress about which foundation you need!

– adapts to your unique skin color so that you have an even and radiant skin
– moisturizing foundation, 2 in 1 formula!
– natural looking skin
– covers skin problems
– ready within 5 minutes
– NO more stress about color foundation!

Suggested usage:
Step 1: Take the amount you want and apply to your skin with a beauty sponge / blender as you are used to with your previous foundation.
Step 2: Leave it on your skin for a while after you have spread it on your skin.
Step 3: You are done with a natural looking skin!

Choose Covercoco London Flawless Foundation for a natural looking skin!