My Apetamin Weight Gain Experience

My Apetamin Weight Gain Experience

For as long as I remembered, I’ve weighed 98 pounds or under this. The struggle to gain healthy weight was REAL! You hear every the time about weight loss journeys and weight loss this or weight loss that. But the conversation of weight growth is rarely spoken about in a positive light.
This year, I was determined to growth healthy weight, fast. To help spark my appetite and get the ball rolling I resolved to try Apetamin. Apetamin is a best supplement (that comes in syrups or pills) that can be used to increase appetite and gain weight. I’d known very well about Apetamin for a few years and had done as much research as I could on the supplement before purchasing it. (As a precaution, you should tell with your primary care provider before taking Apetamin!)
One bottle of Apetamin best about one week if you’re taking the recommended three times a day dosage. Mine lasted a some time longer because I decided to only take 10 mL of Apetamin ONCE a day, 30 minutes before dinner. I only took it once a day because of the side-effects. Apetamin reason severe sleepiness or drowsiness (usually within the first few days). I didn’t want to risk falling asleep at my 9-5 job.
Here’s a list of the other possible side-effects of Apetamin:
tired feeling
sleep problems (insomnia)
spinning sensation
blurred vision
loss of coordination
upset stomach
weight gain
numbness or tingly feeling
increased sweating or urination
thickening of mucus in the nose/throat, or
dry mouth/throat/nose.
Tell your doctor if you have very serious side effects including:
mental/mood changes (such as restlessness, confusion, hallucinations)
shaking (tremor)
difficulty urinating, or
fast/irregular heartbeat.
Out of that very extensive list of side-effects, here’s what I experienced:
tired feeling
weight gain
Clearly, the pros outweighed the cons in my situation, find more info at I’ve collected a total of 16 pounds since starting Apetamin. However, the BEST part is I only taken Apetamin for 2 weeks before stopping and I was able to maintain my appetite which allowed me to set on weight without it, and maintain my overall goal weight!
If you’re going to buy and try Apetamin, my best advice is to carry on in mind that you will gain weight EVERYWHERE, not just where you want do it better to go! All of my new weight settled into my butt, hips, thighs, and stomach. Even my face got a bit fuller, to see more visit! If you’re going to buy Apetamin you need to work out and eat healthy as well!
I’m planning on purchasing Apetamin collect and documenting my second weight gain journey here on my blog and Instagram! I’m starting my journey at 118 pounds and my aim weight is 135 pounds. I will be restarting my good journey again November 2019 so join my newsletter and follow me on Instagram to stay updated! If you have any questions regarding Apetamin check out my FAQ post next level!


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